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Keith Meyers is KM Creative

I have more than 2 dozen published games to my credit. Check them out.

I've been in the game industry since the late 1980's. For the last 6 of those years, I have been happily designing games full-time. I have more than 2 dozen published titles to my credit licensed to a wonderful array of game companies and sold in countries around the world. Prior to that my time has been spent with The Game Keeper, [was] the largest indendently owned retail chain of game stores, where I spent more than a decade in the corporate office, mostly in charge of promotions and marketing. The Game Keeper was eventually owned by Wizards of the Coast and consequently Hasbro. And stepping back even further, The Game Works, a small game company, where I designed, sold, shipped and invoiced games - everything you'd expect from a small game company where many hats are swapped on a daily basis.



Sitting Ducks Gallery game

Sitting Ducks Gallery, by Playroom Entertainment, Amigo Spiele, Gigamic
release July 2005, USA; 2006, Germany; 2007, France

Get your ducks down the row before feathers start flying! No duck is safe in Sitting Ducks Gallery, 'cause cards in hand can target, shoot or move the line in a variety of ways. Can you be the last Sitting Duck?

Go to Playroom Entertainment for more info

Hue Knew game

Hue Knew?, by MindWare
release October 2004, USA & UK

This fast-moving, fun-filled game tests your skills at spotting the color name that's written in the correct hue. A split-second hesitation can lose you points as you race against all opponents to grab the correctly colored pawn. Color identification is more fun than you can imagine... Hue Knew?

Go to Mindwareonline.com for more info

Cross-Eyed game

Cross-Eyed, by MindWare
release October 2004, USA

Quickly match the cards in your hand with the patterns of Crosses and Eyes on the grid cards. There are multiple matches, so do you save the higher scoring gold or red cards waiting for the right match, or speed ahead collecting the most matches? You'll be Cross-Eyed from playing so much!

Go to Mindwareonline.com for more info

Snap Judgment game

Snap Judgment, by International Playthings
release May 2004, USA

This snappy picture game of common items tests your judgment in finding things in common with each. Sales are promising so far... keeping my fingers crossed for the holidays!


Slammer game

Slammer, by Tactic, Pressman, Alary Games, Basic Concepts
release May 2004, Europe; 2005, Canada; 2006, USA; 2007, Pacific Rim, Middle East, Latin America

Fast becoming a best-seller in Europe with 100,000 units sold in its first year of release! This is a personal favorite of my kids and they can't wait for it to be available in the US. Features a random sound generator and sticks with suction cups to smack cards with [what kids don't love that?].


Hobbit game

The Hobbit, by Kosmos & Fantasy Flight, et al
release Oct 2001, Europe and USA (13 countries, 9 languages)

I loved the J.R.R. Tolkien stories growing up. And I love the Lord of the Ring movie trilogy just as much! Especially since it fed the desire for all things Tolkien and helped get this game distributed in 13 countries and 9 languages with over 300,000 games sold. Co-invented with Michael Stern.

Go to Fantasy Flights website for more info

Fast Figure game

Fast Figure/Schnelldenker, by Playroom Entertainment, Amigo Spiele
release June 2003, USA; 2006, Germany.

This has just earned a prestigious spot in GAMES magazine's Top 100 in 2004, as well as garnered the National Parenting Seal of Approval and Creative Child Magazines' Preferred Choice Award! This fast-paced game of guesstimates has players racing to slap their card down in an ever-growing number line.

Go to Amigo's site for more info

Over and Out game

Over and Out, by Jax Ltd.
release Feb 2003, USA

A simple, quick, and addictive math-based card game designed for families and for people looking for a small game on the go.

Go to Jax Ltd site for more info

Thinklers games

Thinklers, by Play All Day Games
release Oct 2002, USA

These clever card packs are packaged in nifty flip-top glass cases which makes them hip and portable for the college crowd, cafe clatches, and impromptu gatherings. A great way to get conversations started, with three variety from which to choose; Solve-Its, Noodle-Its, Pick-Its. Co-invented with Michael Stern.

Go to ChessNGames.com for more info

2nd Guess game

2nd Guess, by Great American Puzzle Factory
release June 2000, USA

This trivia-style game based on 2nds (what's the second most successful fast food chain, after McDonald's?), won Top 10 honors with the Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Examiner upon release, and came second in sales, behind Cranium... in Des Moines, IA ;-)

For those who have been in the game industry a while, you might remember:
Spit It Out, Amnesia/Befuddled, Squeeze Phrase, Over the Hill; the card game,
By Invitation Only, North Pole Puzzlers, Rollers, etc.