Email Inventor Newsletter - with the intent of building a sense of community between all inventors, this is sent out monthly. It features tips & tricks, anecdotes, 10Q's (see below) and a list of successes by aspiring, beginning and established inventors. It is FREE, so use the sign up on the right to start receiving your copy now. (as of 2012, I'm looking to incorporate a blog instead of a newsletter - check back later for developments on that)

10Q's - Each month asks a set of 10 Questions of an established game inventor or game publisher, alternating month-to-month. This is a regular feature of the Inventor Newsletter. To see the archive of Who answered What, click here.

Game Design Book- For those looking to get started inventing and wanting answers on how to license or self-publish their game idea, click here. Offered by 20-year game industry vet, Keith Meyers.

The 5 Phrases to Never Use - a free bit of advice offered to all beginning inventors.

Tradeshow Dates - a useful guide to the key tradeshows in our industry including dates, location and brief description.

List of Game Companies - a comprehensive list of game companies and their websites.




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