For those game companies looking to direct aspiring and beginning inventors somewhere where they can get some good advice, you can suggest they sign up for the Email Inventor Newsletter. Targeted at inventors looking to build a sense of community between them, this is a great monthly forum for educating beginning inventors.

You can also recommend they sign up for notification of upcoming release of the book, "Getting Paid to Play: The Business of Game Design." Due out in Fall '08, the book will address all the issues of getting started as a game inventor in this industry including common practices, pitfalls to avoid and optimizing your chances for success.

As a game company, the Email Inventor Newsletter offers you two additional benefits. You can get involved through the 10Q's (see below), and by promoting your current inventor-created games as they release (email me at for more info).

10Q's - Each month asks a set of 10 Questions of an established game inventor or game publisher, alternating month-to-month. This is a regular feature of the Inventor Newsletter. Click the link to see the archive of Who answered What.
If you are a game company that would like to inform inventors about your company and what your policies and procuedures are through the '10Q's' for a future newsletter, email me at

Tradeshow Dates - a useful guide to the key tradeshows in our industry including dates, location and brief description.


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